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Glass Heart Baubles with Acrylic “Bloom”

They’re finished, and they’re gorgeous! I made only a small number of these stunning heart baubles. Each heart measures approximately 3 1/2” in both height and width, and a depth of 1 1/2”. Adorned with a unique handmade charm and a lovely ornament hanger, and packaged in a gift box, ready for giving. They’re priced at $25 each (plus $5 shipping). I’ve numbered each photo for your convenience. If any catch your eye, simply message me the corresponding number to secure your order.

Porcelain Ornaments with Alcohol Ink or Acrylic Pour

Each one includes a beautiful charm, ornament hanger, and is packaged in a gift box, ready for giving . 

Price $25 (free shipping within USA).

Vintage – Style Glass 

These stunning 4” vintage- style pink glass ornaments are adorned with with textured black hand painted flowers, and embellished with rhinestones and a beautiful velvet ribbon.  

Price $30 (free shipping within USA).

Large Metal Hearts

Approximately 8” high, these pretty hearts will stand out on any tree, or will look stunning hanging from a small hook on the wall.  Painted with acrylic bloom style, finished with textured white flowers, adorned with rhinestones, sealed with resin, and topped with a beautiful ribbon, these hearts will make a perfect gift for someone special (or for yourself😉)! 

Price $35 (free shipping within USA).

Acrylic Bloom Ornaments

These stunning colors look even better in person!  4” round ornaments approximately 1” depth, these ornaments are beautifully painted on both sides, so they look amazing on your tree, or hanging alone on an ornament stand.  A few of these are shatterproof. Please see hand written note.  Each ornament is adorned with a pretty handmade charm and ornament hanger, complete with gift box, ready for giving!

Price $20 (free shipping within USA).

Glass Acrylic Pour or Alcohol Ink

Beautiful 4” round glass ornaments in assorted colors. Each one is adorned with a pretty hand made charm and ornament hanger, complete with gift box, ready for giving!

Price $18 (free shipping within USA).

Texture Painted Glass Ornaments

Each ornament is hand painted and adorned with rhinestones, and comes in a crystal clear box with gold base, includes ornament hanger.

Price $22 (free shipping within USA).

Shatterproof Ornaments

And for those with small children or pets, these ornaments are all shatterproof!
Some of these were posted in above categories.

Price: Acrylic $20, Texture Painted $22 (free shipping within USA).

   Original Hand-painted gifts

Priced as marked  


These whimsical cards will delight your friends and family! Each card is 5″ x 7″. Blank inside for your own sentiment.

(Hover over each card to see # and title)

Mix & Match!

$5 EACH | 4 for $18 | 10 for $40



These gorgeous glass orbs have been meticulously hand painted for you with holographic alcohol inks and laser film, sealed with a coat of UV resistant resin. Each one took many hours to create over a period of several days. Perfect for your holiday tree or table, but can also grace your home decor year-round. The orbs are approximately 6” in diameter and each one comes with a black wrought iron type hanger so it may be individually displayed. Ready for hanging or gifting.

SALE $35 (regular $50 each) | FREE SHIPPING