What is giclée print? 

A giclée print (pronounced zhee-KLAY), is a fine art digital print made on a high end inkjet printer. When executed according to it’s highest standards, this process has been recognized by many artists and institutions around the world as a fine art, museum-quality reproduction. The application of the inks in this process is so fine that there are no discernible dots or droplets on the final print. The printer applies an extremely fine spray of many different sized, overlapping dots that mix and form a myriad of color combinations, making it look almost identical to a watercolor print. We use the finest quality, archival inks and paper to assure that your beautiful giclée will be enjoyed for years to come.

What paper do you use?

All of our Giclée fine art prints are produced by Rimrock Art on 310GSM Bright White Velvet Fine Art Paper, 100% Cotton.

  • 100-Years Certified Archival (certificate) by Accredited 3rd Party
  • Certified by Canon Alliance Partnership Program for imagePROGRAF Large-Format Solutions in conjunction with the Rochester Institute for Technology (RIT) for the imagePROGRAF PRO-1000, PRO-2000, PRO-4000, and PRO-6000 devices
  • Perfect for fine art prints
  • Eye-popping color gamut & Dmax
  • Consistent and reliable quality
  • Manufacturer direct
  • Lightly textured finish  |  19 mil thickness  |  310 gsm weight

How do I care for my Giclée print?

You should treat your Giclée print that is done on paper the same way that you would treat an original watercolor painting on paper. They should not be touched unless it is by a professional framer, as dirt and oils may damage the image. They should be left in their plastic packaging until they are ready to be matted and framed under glass. They should be framed using acid-free mounting materials and mats. Consult a reputable framer to assist you in framing your print promptly, so that you may enjoy it for many years to come! You should place the art away from direct sunlight to prevent damage from the UV rays.





What is a metal print?

Our metal prints are printed on Chromaluxe® HD Aluminum Photo Panels for Sublimation Printing. The images are rendered with outstanding clarity and vibrancy, along with exceptional detail and resolution. The metal panels we use are also extremely durable, offering scratch and abrasion resistance without hiding your image behind glass. In addition, they offer the higher fade resistance than every other medium.

How do I hang my metal print?

Your Chromaluxe® metal print is ready to hang with a mounting bracket on the back. The bracket sets the print away from the wall, giving it a beautiful “floating” effect.


Side view of mounting bracket (may vary depending upon size of print)

Mounting bracket on back of metal print. (May vary depending upon size of print)

The metal print is offset by the mounting bracket and “floats” on the wall, giving it a beautiful 3-D effect.







How do I care for my metal print?

The best way to clean a metal print is to gently wipe it with a soft, dry microfiber cloth. Never use any cleaning agents or solvents on it. If you need to use a wet cloth, wet it only with water and try to avoid putting it in contact with any moisture whenever you can. Don’t place a spotlight on the image.



Who does your printing?

Whether it is fine art giclée paper prints or Chromaluxe® metal prints, we want you to LOVE your new art! That’s why we have partnered with Rimrock Art in Billings, Montana to produce every fine art print for us. Their amazing customer service and attention to detail, along with the newest printing technologies, assures a beautiful, archival print that you will enjoy it for a lifetime.




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Are the sizes on your website the only sizes available?

You can place a special order for any size. Just CONTACT US with your request and we will provide a quote.




We take great care on every item we produce, and each one is made to order, just for you. We understand that sometimes what you order just doesn’t meet your needs, so if this should this happen (and we hope it doesn’t) please CONTACT US immediately, and we will try to accommodate you. If your item is defective, we will replace it and instruct you on the return of the defective item. NO REFUNDS, STORE CREDITS ONLY.


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